CBD Oil For Pain, Does It Work?

At least 25.3 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain – whether it is due to illness, injury, or old age and wear and tear, the result is the same. Pain can keep you from enjoying the things you love and even from the things you need to do. Routine tasks like brushing your hair or tying your shoes can be beyond your ability some days – so it’s obvious why we must seek relief.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter pain medications have limits and can cause other problems with long-term use; and prescription medications are far more dangerous with the over-prescribing of opiates having put our country in a national crisis. An alternative is needed – and for many that alternative is cannabidiol.


One of the reasons that CBD is so effective as a pain reliever is that it has anti-inflammatory effects. In conditions like arthritis, the source of pain often lies with inflammation of the joints. Reducing the inflammation will, therefore, relieve some of the pain. In fact, studies have found that CBD could be just as effective as other anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


While studies still need to be conducted to confirm it, CBD is known for having pain killing effects. Patients with chronic pain often note CBD working just as well – or even better than traditional painkillers. Even conditions that are not caused by inflammation, like fibromyalgia and chronic migraines, often show positive results with CBD.


Another way that CBD improves the quality of life for those affected by chronic pain is its ability to improve the quality of your sleep. At least one study conducted on rats found that administering CBD improved alertness during waking hours, and improved sleep during the “lights-off period.” Since sleep is often affected by pain, combining a medicine that both reduces the symptoms causing pain and/or provides direct relief from pain while also helping you get a full night of rest could only be beneficial in the long run.

For those considering CBD as an alternative to over-the-counter or prescription painkillers, SunMed CBD offers a broad spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that is naturally high in CBD and low in THC.

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